Free Will

I prefer people who have felt the life they thought would be slip through their fingers and shatter into impossible shards.

I prefer a faith I can strip to the studs and rebuild from scratch every now and again.

I prefer doing my own honey-dos and baking my own cakes.

I prefer curls.

I prefer birds in my backyard over birds in my blueberry bushes.

I prefer atheists, mostly, though I am a Christian.

I prefer Eccleston over Tennant.

I prefer earnest over foxy.

I prefer outdoors.

I prefer daylight, right up until the moment night falls.

I prefer summer, right up until the first bare branch touches a winter sky.

I prefer lyrics over sound.

I prefer pop songs in Spanish.

I prefer just regular kids over the best and the brightest (though I secretly hope they are both).

I prefer public schools.

I prefer the wrong side of the tracks.

I prefer spaces made for human thriving over those designed to provoke awe or envy.

I prefer to believe there is no final suffering greater than that which is already here.

I prefer to believe there is an ultimate love that binds up, weaves together, fulfills and overflows all the love that is here already.

I prefer a swan dive into deep-wide-darkness of doubt over forced certitude.

I prefer an exploding star, sending out shafts of unquenchable light, to an ark, ship-shape, water tight, sealed against the hungry waves

I prefer hope over faith, and love over both, over all, always.


I have resurrected this long-neglected blog and re-learned how to use WordPress just so I could write this poem at the invitation of my friend Erin, who periodically writes her own versions of this poem by Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska. Feel free to write your own and join the conversation!

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