Where Have I Been? (And Where I Am Going)

When I decided to start a blog my intention was to post regularly throughout the Advent fast, take a break for a few months, and begin blogging again throughout Great Lent. After Pascha I will take stock and decide where to go next. As you may have noticed, however, I did not really make it all the way through Advent. In case anyone wondered why not, my excuse is that we got the flu.

IMG_2825This is how James Cassian and I spent most of Bru’s birthday. And most of the week following his birthday. I did eventually make Bru his vegan tacos, but I never got around to making his chocolate birthday cake. I never posted my awesome vegan gingerbread recipe, but I did brew a lot of hot lemon-ginger tea with honey.

IMG_2861I never posted pictures of my cute little Christmas display featuring my awesome driftwood snowman because we ended up camping on the living room floor for a week (it was too hard for me to drag myself out of bed when I was feverish in the middle of the night to rock my feverish, sleepless little boy – it was easier to roll off the futon mattress when the rocking chair was only 2 feet away) and the Christmas display got taken over by the pharmacy. I did nearly all of my Christmas shopping in one afternoon a few days before Christmas, and by that time I was so behind on blogging that it just didn’t seem worth the effort to try to catch up.

So, what next? I have pictures and recipes I never posted, but most of them are pretty Christmasy, so I think I’ll save them in hopes of posting them next Advent. I am already taking pictures, working on posts, and saving some recipes in preparation for Great Lent, in hopes that I will won’t get so behind again. And, since the Church has already begun to prepare for the fast, I have also begun working on a few posts to share in the coming weeks, just to get myself and (I hope) anyone who’s still reading excited for the journey ahead.



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