Menu Monday: Fifth Week of Advent

Haha! This is how you can tell I am Orthodox rather than Catholic! There is a fifth week in Advent!

I apologize for skipping the fourth week. Let’s just say life doesn’t always go as planned. If I can I’ll try to catch up by posting some recipes from St. Nicholas’ Day and St. Herman’s Day. But for right now here I am, planning meals for the last full week before Christmas, and actually wishing there were a few more weeks to go, if only so I could fit in more of the lovely things I hoped to do during this Advent season.

Monday: Prebanac (Balkan Baked Lima Beans) with Roasted Vegetable Salad (and vegan cornbread if I happen to have time).                                                                                  We’ve still got some turnips to harvest! Not sure if they eat roasted turnips and beets in the Balkans, but who says everything has to match?

Tuesday: Bru’s Birthday Tacos, Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake with Fudgy Icing            We always have this meal for my husband’s birthday. He looks forward to it all year!

Wednesday: Cape Verdean Cachupa 

Thursday: Leftover Prebanac                                                                                            Staggering leftovers rather than eating the same thing several nights in a row makes leftover night slightly more exciting. Often I will make at least one side dish fresh, or even try out a new side on the second night.

Friday: Leftover Cachupa

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