Merry Christmas!

I just love being Orthodox and going to church on Christmas morning. Here is the place where brokenness and joy are reconciled, where the lonely, the homeless, and those who mourn belong just as surely as the hyper little children. Here it is easy to teach children that Christ is the most important part of Christmas because we literally do this first, before we eat and open presents. Here Santa is suddenly not such a complicated issue, because St. Nicholas, through his icon, is here, with us in church on Christmas morning. If your day is filled with food, family, and happy memories, if your day is touched with loneliness and loss, or even if your holiday is hectic, filled with family tension and drama and too many things to do, the death-shattering humility of God’s love is here for you, for me, for all of us. You are all His favorite children. Merry Christmas!IMG_2998