Menu Monday: Thanksgiving

My family and I will be traveling this week, so instead of a weekly menu I will be posting a handful of Thanksgiving-worthy recipes that don’t require any turkeys to get their feathers ruffled.

How Orthodox Christians celebrate Thanksgiving Day varies from parish to parish and family to family. There are those who feel that a secular holiday is no excuse for dismissing the rules of fasting, while others emphasize the importance of sharing a day of gratitude with our families and fellow citizens, without the awkwardness of being unable to eat what they are eating. I have gone both ways over the years, depending on my circumstances, and find that I can be equally grateful whether I eat turkey or no. In fact, I have particularly fond memories of one Thanksgiving when we feasted on fresh crabs with my cool California cousins, who didn’t miss the turkey one bit because they almost never eat it on Thanksgiving anyway.

If you choose to take a day off from fasting on Thanksgiving, you will get no judgement   from me. In eight years of marriage my husband and I have never yet spent this particular holiday under our own roof, so we are pretty much happy to be Romans in Rome and eat what we are served. However, if you choose to keep the fast, have a vegan relative to entertain over the holidays, or want to be able to enjoy guilt-free leftovers, check back over the next three days for a collection of vegan recipes worthy of the most festive of tables.



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